App vs. SIM vs. Calling Cards – What’s Best for Cheap International Calls?


Today the world is connected more than ever before with virtually endless options for international calling. People are constantly moving around from one country to another, and it’s not only about getting jetlagged. Often you will find yourself in a puzzling scenario where finding a SIM card for international calls back home can be difficult. If you’re living in the United Kingdom away from home or have friends and family overseas. You’re likely to want to stay in touch with them and not miss out on conversations with them. But what’s the best option for international calling for you? Let’s dip in and find the one that best fits your budget while keeping the bills low.

Suppose you’re one of those people always dialling an international call. In that case, you probably know how important it is to find a reliable solution that meets all your needs without costing you hefty sums each month. More than 6.2 billion international calls are made every year, potentially breaking budgets for many people if not properly taken care of. International roaming charges can be a nightmare every month when you see hundreds and thousands of pounds on your bill.

But in reality, finding any such solution in the sheer number of solutions available can be overwhelming and tedious. Therefore, we will try to simplify things for you by comparing all the available options from international calling apps, SIM cards, and calling cards.

International Calling Apps

International calling apps allow you to make calls through the app interface without going through the complications of SIM cards and calling cards. Not long ago, international calls used to be an expensive and complicated thing. Today, VoIP-based apps allow you to connect with the world cheaply and effectively. The calling charges are dramatically reduced while the arduous processes are eliminated, particularly in the current COVID-19 pandemic that can serve purposefully.

Using the VoIP technology, many apps now utilize the thoroughly penetrated local access lines to cut costs while getting the power of telephone lines in countries to offer high-quality voice calls.

In truth, there are various international calling apps, that choosing a single one serving your purpose becomes a little bit daunting. Our editor’s pick from a handful of great calling apps leans towards Talk Home App, which offers great value for money, is easy to use and allows users to talk longer for less.

ViberRebtelTalk Home AppSkype
International Top-UpNoYesYesNo
Popular forInternational callingInternational callingHigh-quality CallsInternet-based calling
Free appYesYesYesYes
Free CallsNoNoNoYes

International SIMs

Undoubtedly, internet-based calling and messaging applications have made things easier for anyone trying to stay in touch with family & friends worldwide for free. However, sometimes relying on internet connectivity is not suitable either due to the limited connectivity or unavailability of the service. In addition, many countries have limited internet penetration, so apps like WhatsApp, Viber, or Skype are not viable.

Using a SIM card for international calls is the only viable solution offering affordable rates and reliable connectivity for any such situation. International SIMs are specific SIM cards that offer comparatively better rates that you may get with your domestic cellular provider. However, these SIMs cards are mainly designed for international calling and are not convenient for domestic calling needs.

Therefore, the option has a significant downside. No matter the type of deal you get, you’ll always need to switch out your domestic SIM with the international SIM whenever you want to place an international call. Or you’ll have to keep a separate device that you can use, particularly for international calling.

Some domestic network operators also offer international calling add-ons to purchase above the current plan and enjoy cheap international calls. However, you end up paying for both the services heavily without getting any dedicated service quality and sometimes weak service on either end of the calling service. So if you’re looking to keep the costs down, the bolt-on or add-ons might not be your best option.

That’s because some networks like Talk Home Mobile, Vectone, and LycaMobile include large amounts of international call minutes as part of the monthly plans. Additionally, these network’s pay as you go model or 30 day plans without any bounding contracts is in line with the major networks. So, an international SIM can potentially be cheaper than the combined cost of a mobile contract with a major network and the added cost of an overseas calls add-on. So, get a free SIM card now, offering the best sim deals for international calls from Talk Home.

What do you get?

Unlike any significant cellular service provider, the range of international SIMs operate on a rolling contract basis, so there’s no binding contract for years to come. You’re free to cancel within 30 days’ notice and only pay monthly. Almost all plans include calls to UK mobiles and landlines, mobile data and unlimited texts too.

You can pick SIM cards based on any of the following criteria.

  • SIMs that offer comprehensive and cheap international calls to a particular single country of your choice.
  • Regional SIM cards that come loaded with call minutes to a range of countries in a region or locality of the world. For example, Eastern Europe or the Middle East.
  • SIMs that have a set amount of calls minutes can be used to call many locations worldwide.

You can select the SIM card that fits your usage habits and how many international calls you make. Similarly, the country or countries you call. That’s why Talk Home Mobile has an extensive range of cheap calling rates for more than 200 countries worldwide.

International Calling Cards

International calling cards might seem like an old venture but are still a very popular way to stay in touch with friends and family abroad, regardless of the many calling apps flooded on the internet. Out of the staggering 6.2 billion, international calls made each year, around half the calls were made using international calling cards. Calling cards are one of the prevalent ways to save money on international calling expenses, which offer a set rate for calls with a limited amount in the account that will save you from wasting extra money on long-distance calls.

Calling cards are particularly famous in areas where internet connections are weak or unsuitable for high-quality calls. And while travelling across the world, purchasing internet packages in every part also seems a needless endeavour. However, like any other thing, there are pros and cons to this method.

Why use calling cards?

  • Calling cards are often cheaper than long-distance cellular providers.
  • Local phone companies are costlier.
  • Calling cards are cheaper than operator-assisted and collect calls.
  • You can easily budget your international call costs.
  • With no monthly bills, no lengthy statements to go through, you are in a peaceful state all the time.

A cheaper and simpler alternative to traditional international calling cards is online international calling services like Talk Home Mobile, United World Telecom, and Buzport. Using any of these services, you can make cheap international calls to anyone around the world. With superior service quality and a transparent pricing model, you are always ready to call.


All of these apps are wonderful and offer unique features for anyone looking to make international calls. Whether you like the good old Skype service or the novel Rebtel app, it all depends on your needs and choice as all of these primarily offer the same service. The calling rates and charges might vary for the country you’re looking to call and can make a stark difference in the long run.

Talk Home App has been the choice of millions across the UK and the world. The company offers a premium, high-quality calling experience, and with Talk Home App, you can easily import your contacts from the local address book to make calls straight away from the app. Similarly, the call prices are some of the lowest in the market, so you can be sure to get the cheapest calling rates to any location in the world.

You don’t have to keep paying heavy bills to your mobile carriers for international calling. Switching to one of these can streamline your life and budget simultaneously with no difficulty when calling from different devices. Just download the app of your choice and enjoy a swift and clear connection with your friends and family all across the world.


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