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Best Dating Apps For You To Find Love In 2021


Why Dating Apps are Becoming the Need of the Day?

Love isn’t only an emotion, it’s a need. It is widely known through research that social belongingness is a fundamental human need that one has to achieve for being truly happy in life. We’re all social animals, after all.

According to Statista, 234.1 million people use online dating websites worldwide in 2021. By 2025, they are estimated to reach about 489.9 million. That is a huge number of people trying to find love and fulfil their desires. Furthermore, around 41% of people say dating is now easier than in the last decade, simply because of technology.

Technology changed the dating playground. A major part of it has shifted to virtual dating services that include free dating websites and apps. There are now over 1,500 dating websites or apps worldwide, matching millions of users with one another.

This shows the crucial requirement of people around the world to socialise, find love and date. In order to cater to this need, we have outlined below a list of the best free dating apps available in 2021 for you to choose from and enjoy the best dating experience.


Supported Platforms: AndroidiOS

Best Suited For: Guys Who Want Girls To Make The First Move

In Bumble, it is all about the women. Bumble is a dating app that can highlight all profiles to all users for matching, but only the girls are allowed to message a guy if they match. That too within 24 hours! Or the opportunity disappears.

So, one-liner pick-ups were never your forte? It is okay. Let the girls handle the pressure of making the first move. They get to have freedom over whether they want to message first and make the move or not, whilst guys wait for a response, only to reply within the next 24 hours or the opportunity disappears again!

It’s one of the most popular dating apps available and has a large user base. Whether you want a simple hook-up or a long-term relationship, Bumble can be of service. If the girl wants to, that is.


  • It lets girls make the first move
  • Has dating guides and mental health awareness articles for better understanding oneself before dating
  • Has interesting questions you can answer to express better on your profile


  • Men can only swipe and match, but not message unless the girl messages first, that too within 24 hours.
  • Because of its first move mechanism, there isn’t much guarantee that matching will lead to meaningful conversation or dates.
  • The time limit may create a coercive environment for dating


Supported Platforms: AndroidiOS

Best Suited For: Witty & Personalised Profiles For Better Expression

Just like a door revolves around a hinge, dating for millennials does too. Hinge is a highly personalised Instagram version of dating apps. Users get to create their profiles with as much expression as they want.

This gives more information to users finding matches for themselves and allows for casual relationships to be built at their own pace. It makes use of wit and humour to allow a user to express themselves even more.

This takes users away from the standard swipe mechanism of dating apps and gives them the opportunity to take their time to find a person best compatible with them.


  • It has profile prompts and photos to provide conversation starters
  • Instagram-like interface that highlights key characteristics of profiles
  • Has a casual, laid-back environment


  • You can only send 10 likes each day in the free version
  • It asks for a lot of personal information for building your profile which might be a privacy concern for some users.


Supported Platforms: AndroidiOS

Best Suited For: Easy Swiping Of Profiles To Find A Match

With a literal flame in its logo design, Tinder put quick dating on fire! With an easy-to-use interface allowing for simple right or left swiping of profiles, as per your choice, Tinder lets you make quick judgements of a person.

When both people swipe right on each other, they get a match, and a chance to talk to each other and set up a date. If you get the premium version, you get some added features including super likes and rewind, to give you another opportunity to swipe right if you missed it by chance.


  • It allows quick browsing of profiles for easy swiping
  • It is simple. Directly shows profiles to match with, and if matched, allows simple messaging.
  • It has introduced in-app video calling without sharing of personal information
  • Has location-based suggestions of users in the vicinity


  • It does not have detailed profiles with more information about the user
  • Profiles are not vetted properly, meaning that scams and deception can be common

Coffee Meets Bagel

Supported Platforms: AndroidiOS

Best Suited For: Getting Curated Profiles focused On Long-Term Relationships

Quality over quantity is what ‘Coffee Meets Bagel’ preaches. Meaning, you won’t be swiping away at loads of choices on this app, rather, each day you’ll get a few curated profiles that have been vetted by other users.

This culture allows users to have a laid-back and casual dating experience where they don’t waste most of their time on these dating apps. Rather, they just go through 5- 20 of the ‘Bagels’ (profiles) they receive each day and let time run its course.

Furthermore, if chats remain inactive for 3 days straight, they expire. This motivates users to periodically stay in touch and can empower a love-bound long-term relationship.


  • Focus is on forming lasting relationships
  • You get to receive curated matches daily
  • You don’t waste much time solely on dating


  • It lacks the option for video chat
  • You do not get many choices each day, unlike other apps
  • The chats can expire


Supported Platforms: AndroidiOS

Best Suited For: Liberals That Need More Flexibility In Choosing Gender Options

Offering 22 gender options and 13 orientation choices, OkCupid is an app that focuses on inclusivity and diversity. It allows users to answer questions based on their own views and opinions regarding socio-political issues.

Their answers help the app’s algorithm to filter better compatible recommendations for the users so that they may match with people that have similar mindsets. This app’s niche is to gather enough information about you to provide you with best-suited profiles, so you don’t waste your time swiping through a handful of them.


  • The app has many features in its free version
  • It offers very inclusive identification options for gender and sexual identities


  • It has a free interface that shows ads and may invite casual browsers
  • No video chat option is available


Supported Platforms: AndroidiOS

Best Suited For: Finding Casual And Serious Relationships Within A Large User Base

Providing various features to users, the Match dating app has been in this business for a long time. From learning continuously and improving future recommendations with every swipe you do, to be integrated with Apple and Android watches, you get to enjoy many features.

However, these additional features require you to purchase the subscription. Also, because the initial survey is quite comprehensive and time-consuming, it gathers a lot of data regarding your opinions and views to give much better recommendations.

But after you’ve completed building up your profile, you don’t just get dropped in the sea to be fished out, rather your profile goes under review by Match staff. Only after being accepted, do you get to use the app properly.


  • Shows robust and vetted profiles
  • An intuitive interface for better user experience
  • It has an excellent filtering tool
  • It allows a video chat facility


  • Its paid version is quite expensive
  • After signing up, your profile will take time to be approved
  • The sign-up survey is lengthy


Supported Platforms: AndroidiOS

Best Suited For: Homo-, Bi-, Trans-sexuals Looking For Relationships

The main go-to app for gays, bisexuals, transexuals and queer people. Those wanting to seek the companionship of other men around their vicinity can make use of Grindr’s easy to use interface and algorithm to create a concise profile and get matched to potential partners.

Apart from this, all other features are like any other basic functions provided by dating apps. The only thing that makes this app popular is its exclusivity towards homosexuals and bisexuals.


  • Easy to register and navigate
  • The large active user base
  • The location-based app makes it easy to find nearby users


  • Faceless profiles and bots are common
  • Ads regularly interrupt the experience and can be difficult to exit from


Supported Platforms: AndroidiOS

Best Suited For: Finding A Potential Long-Term Partner For Marriage

Your best mate in finding a long-term partner, eHarmony. With one of the most extensive profile-building capabilities, eHarmony focuses on knowing as much as it can about you to help you express yourself to the best.

It further gives a wide option of gender and orientation choices to make it inclusive. However, eHarmony asks for users to get paid subscriptions to enjoy the most out of the app. This limits the functionality of free users, as some basic features that are provided free by other apps are also paid in eHarmony.


  • Robust privacy and security features
  • It has a thorough profile-building process that gets better with time
  • It allows video dating


  • Expensive to use additional features with basic features also not free
  • The survey filled on a sign-up can be difficult for some


Supported Platforms: AndroidiOS

Best Suited For: Singles Who Identify With The Gaming Community

Do you game? Or are you a fan of the gaming community and comfortable discussing it with a partner who’s into it too? Then Kippo seems to be the right fit for you. With a uniquely tailored environment created just for gamers, you can enjoy finding a potential gaming partner or (if things go well) life partner.

Kippo was created in 2018 and currently has around 25,000 active members each month while being downloaded over 350,000 times.

Along with simple messaging, you get to link game cards with your account. This really helps in finding a compatible partner and makes the work of filtering out recommendations much easier for you.


  • Getting the Kippo infinity membership allows you to have an unlimited number of matches.
  • You can add cards in a deck that appears on your profile, with each card showing what you like.
  • Kippo also offers its own comics on Instagram, representing the lives of single people or those trying to date somebody. It keeps the humour in dating alive


  • It isn’t suitable for somebody who’s not into gaming or doesn’t like it. The culture may seem a little overwhelming to them.
  • The fee for additional features and membership is a little higher than with other apps.
  • Much smaller user base.


Which Dating App Is Best For Serious Relationships?

If luck favours, you may find your soulmate or life partner in any of the apps we have highlighted above. However, eHarmony, OKCupid, Match.com, Coffee Meets Bagel are certain apps that focus more towards serious relationships through their algorithms.

What Is The Most Active Dating App?

Tinder is one of the most active dating apps worldwide. But this constantly fluctuates, according to the needs of people and app updates.

Do Dating Apps Work For Guys?

It may not feel like it, but they do. It may be true that the majority of people that do find dates from these apps are females, but it does not mean that these apps do not work for guys. Technically, the ratio of men to women on dating apps is 40:60, meaning women are more on these apps than guys.

This may be a cause of more women going on dates than guys. However, guys who do manage to struggle through it do get dates from these apps.


Whether long-distance relationships or short-distance, long-term relationships or short-term, the dating apps that have been identified offer you the opportunity to find love of any kind you want. Millions of people are looking for their partners with the help of these apps.

So, after you’ve established what you’re looking for exactly, choose the app that suits you best and get dating! Oh, and remember to be persistent in your efforts! Trust in the app algorithms to help you find who you’re looking for, and don’t get frustrated if you do!

Because one never knows where they find love. By using these apps, even if you don’t find love, you might find people that connect with you.

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