14 Best Entertainment Apps for Kids During This Holiday Season


What does everybody do around this time of the year? Wait for the Holiday Season, of course! ‘Cos gives you everything from festivities and family gatherings to last-minute Christmas gift shopping. More than anything else, Christmas is the best time to bring smiles to those cute little faces of children around you. So, just like Santa, you also need a bag full of the best holiday apps for kids to have some happy time on their smartphones, iPads, tablets, and MP3 players. The best part is that this will make your kids happy and keep them busy while you check items off your to-do list in peace. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of the 14 best entertainment apps for kids, whether they’re on iOS or Android.  

All you need is to go through the list and choose what you think will make your kids most happy and engaged throughout the holiday season (and even after that!). 

Best Christmas Apps for Kids 2021 on iOS 

With Apple shipping about 13 million tablets worldwide during the 2nd quarter of 2021 alone, you can well imagine the number of kids having their iPads and other iOS devices. That’s why we want to ensure that this list containing fun Christmas apps for kids proves beneficial for many kids (and parents, of course!). Now let’s get to it without any further ado. We’re all well aware of how cranky children can get when they don’t get what they want. 

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1. Pigeon Presents Mo on the Go! 

Available on: iPhone & iPad

This excellent game is a collection of mini-games involving different activities based on the work of Mo Willems, a Caldecott Award-winning author. It engages kids in activities around Willems’ group of characters. For instance, Monster Maker is about designing a random monster. Dream Drive is about putting the pigeon on the driving seat of the bus, and so forth. Kids earn “stickers” on completing a task, which they can insert into images they take using their iPads. In short, it’s packed with too much fun for kids. 

Cool Features: 

  • Dozens of cool stickers are up for grabs 
  • Special hidden combo dances for Piggie and Elephant characters. You may also get a surprise dance appearance by Mo himself. 
  • Enjoy Leonardo and Sam’s reaction to your monster creation 
  • Learn from Mo how to transform a scribble into an exciting piece of art 
  • Share your art pieces with your friends, or use your sticker vault to store them 
  • Make your loved ones happy by sending them Knuffle Bunny postcards

2. Drawing Pad 

Available on: iPad, Mac 

Another of the fun Christmas apps for kids, Drawing Pad, is loaded with an impressive range of features capable of transforming your iPad into a virtual canvas or a portable studio. Unlike most drawing tools’ apps available in the App Store with pretty simple drawing and sketching tools, this app stands ahead of the pack. It gives you full-colour freehand painting liberty with excellent options to further enrich your masterpiece through custom backgrounds and stickers.  

Cool Features: 

  • Very realistic interface with interactive menus 
  • A wide array of impressive drawing tools 
  • Tools-resizing options available 
  • Colour blending and mixing options are available 
  • Colouring and hand-drawing books are available for free 
  • It offers four different types of erasers 
  • Social sharing options also available for Twitter, Facebook, and email 
  • You can even transport stickers and backgrounds you like 
  • It comes with a video tutorial

3. The Lorax by Dr Seuss

Available on: iPad & iPhone 

It can be one of the best Christmas apps for kids if you want to teach them about the impact of humans and the industry on the environment. You and your kids will be amazed by this impactful ebook version of Dr Seuss’s “The Lorax” series. It’s loaded with fabulous animations and playful interactivity, giving your kids some quality time with a message embedded into it. It boasts several awards and accolades, including the Parents’ Choice Award Silver Honor, Academic’s Choice “Smart Choice Media” Award, and Best New Apps – Apple Award. 

Cool Features: 

  • Offers nine different mini-games, such as Jigsaw Puzzle, Memory Match, Sequence, and more 
  • Tap and drag options to explore surprising features hidden throughout the book 
  • Unlock fun activities on each page with the help of hidden starts 
  • Tapping on words and pictures helps explore new vocabulary 
  • The “Parents” section even allows you to track total minutes reading, total pages read, and so forth

4. Shimmer and Shine: Genie Games 

Available on: iPhone & iPad  

Nick Jr.’s Shimmer and Shine brings fun learning for kids in different languages, i.e., British English, French, German, Latin American Spanish, Dutch, and Brazilian Portuguese. This magical genie game collection opens up new doors of fun and exploration for kids. They can earn rewards while they play the game, decorating their very own genie palace using them. It’s regarded as one of the best Christmas games apps for kids, as it introduces pre-schoolers to colour identification, shape recognition, counting concepts, and caretaking.  

Cool Features: 

  • Play and learn to take care of pets with Shine. Children can choose from 15 different items, helping Shine groom Nahal, Tala, Nazboo, and Parisa 
  • Children can enjoy playing hide and seek with Leah and Parisa (Leah’s pet fox) 
  • Zeta indulges kids in using some unique potions, choosing from 19 different recipes 
  • Children will love helping Shimmer adorn 10 varying items from the Bazar

5. Hey Duggee: The Exploring App 

Available on: iPhone & iPad

Kids love to take on new adventures, exploring exciting stuff with Duggee and the Squirrels on their quest to earn seven new badges. You’ve got to try this if you want to bring ad-free fun to your little bunnies. The Squirrel gets a badge after successful completion of every single activity. Hopping around with 5 Squirrels while trying to earn 7 badges each gives your children a roomful of Duggee Hugs! 

Cool Features: 

  • Kids get seven fun activities to choose from a range of gameplay styles 
  • They get to set up a tent, improving their matching skills and reactions 
  • They get to introduce themselves with various colourful characters while building their trainset 
  • Birdwatching helps kids develop keen observation 
  • Children can even create their ghosts and pumpkins to get a taste of some spooky fun

6. Little Kitten Adventure Games 

Available on: iPhone & iPad

If you want to instil ownership and responsibility in your kids, Little Kitten Adventure Games can be one of the best Christmas game apps for kids. The game is about ensuring that the Little Kitten gets to dress up right and enjoy a party it’s invited to. But it may seem much easier than it is, and that’s the whole fun of the game. Kids learn to read a backpack to safely navigate with the Kitten to the party without any mishap ruining the fun. 

Cool Features: 

  • No ads and in-app purchases. You just need to pay once and enjoy free updates forever 
  • 10 mini-games to enjoy for kids 
  • Grooming the Kitten, brushing out the fleas, and powdering it 
  • Blow drying the kitty, putting on funny raincoat costume with booties 
  • Removing the cacti from their fur 
  • Moving around with the Kitten through different mazes 
  • Feeding the kitty when it’s hungry

7. My PlayHome Stores 

Available on: iPhone & iPad

Let your kids learn how to live life as adults in this incredible open play world featuring 4 artistically hand-illustrated and unbelievably interactive shops. The children get endless ways of interacting with various characters, doing anything they want. The possibilities are endless, from making a smoothie at the grocers to filling their trollies at the supermarket and trying on their favourite outfits at a clothing store. 

Cool Features: 

  • Just one-time payment with no in-app purchases, no 3rd party ads, no registration, no push notifications, and no social network prompts. 
  • It helps kids develop a better understanding of how to go about in the real world. 
  • It involves role-plays and encourages children to rely on their imagination. 
  • Introduces kids with shopping and going about other daily tasks 
  • Encourages children to explore more of everything

8. Play and Learn Science

Available for: iPhone and iPad

This game contains different scientific domains to encourage early-age scientific learning among kids. Play and Learn Science app helps kids nourish their basic concepts about science, along with establishing problem-solving skills.

Parents can also access the co-learning model and design various teachable moments to increase their kid’s knowledge about everyday science. So, how about you teach science in a way that transforms real-world experiences into gaming!

Key features:

  • 15 exciting games that cover basic scientific concepts
  • Slide multiple objects over various materials and down the ramp to learn the physics behind motion and forces responsible for push and pull.
  • Interact with the moon, the sun, and the shadows to learn the principles of light.
  • Play with weather toggles to understand how temperature and weather work and affect the human life
  • Reward your child with funky stickers and exciting drawing tools after they complete a game.
  • Available in English and Spanish language

9. Osmo ABCs

Available for: iPhone and iPad

Tangible play designed OSMO ABCs app for kids to improve their English language in terms of vocabulary, phonics, and letter recognition. It contains more than 300 English vocabulary words for pre-schoolers.

Aimed at learning with fun, Osmo uses artificial technology to create a creative, healthy, and interactive experience which helps build problem-solving skills in children.

If you want to use this app for iPad, you must have the Osmo base, Ring pieces and Silicone sticks.

Key features:

  • Combines learning with AI to create more adaptability
  • Friendly user interface
  • Supports family sharing up to six members

10. Hooked on Phonics Learn & Read

Available for: iPhone and iPad

Designed with the help of early education professionals, Hooked on Phonics utilises extensive research to help build reading skills in kids. This app operates on a machine-learning algorithm to identify the areas where kids are struggling and need more attention. With its reporting feature, parents can determine the overall progress of their children.

Hooked on phonics Learn and Read contains 36 lessons with basic English grammar. Every lesson ends with a short story containing all the words that were learnt in that lesson.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for kids in Pre-K, kindergarten, and 1st
  • Follows the state and federal reading proficiency guidelines
  • Includes 250+ songs, interactive games, award-winning videos, and eBooks
  • Can be used on more than one device with resuming options
  • Multiple users can monitor than activities separately

11. Monster Math: Kids Fun Games

Available for: iPhone and iPad

Experience the adventures filled with basic maths to sharpen the mathematical skills of your child. Monster math contains simple addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication combined with adventures to help kids learn with fun. The game also contains basic arithmetic for children in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades. Unlike quizzes, this game is designed to examine multiple skills at once and lead the child towards an appropriate solution.

Key features:

  • Contains all basic level math problems to enhance the mathematical skills
  • Includes multiplayer and practice mode
  • Skill filtering feature allows the child to master a specific skill
  • Provides in-depth reporting to check your child’s progress daily
  • No annoying ads or consumables

12. Kids Academy: Pre-K-3 Learning

Available for: iPhone and iPad

Kids Academy app is designed with the help of renowned educationists and child psychologists using widely accepted approaches such as Singapore Math. Each activity is planned to bring out your child’s urge for knowledge and provide make learning exciting.

With this app, toddlers can learn early skills using an array of elementary concepts that lead to more complex skills as they progress. The children will begin by learning to identify letters and numbers and will gradually progress to activities that demand problem-solving skills.

Key features:

  • provides an environment that is rich in learning and exposure
  • Offers rewards to keep your child motivated
  • Visualizes kids’ imagination with funky characters and animations
  • Voiced hints to make the game easy to follow
  • Includes 5000+ activities including quizzes and worksheets
  • Provides progress reports to track your child’s performance

13. Kodable

Available for: iPhone and iPad

Designed by SurfScore Inc, Kodable is a widely trusted app that offers coding courses for children aged 4 to 10 years. Presently, this app is being used in over 50% of elementary schools in the US. It teaches all the basic coding concepts, from zero to JavaScript, without asking for any experience.

The knowledge of computer science will prepare your child for the professions of tomorrow, as well as expand their minds to solve problems today more intelligently. Therefore, this app features content for all age groups and train your kids from playing to creating their own games as they excel in coding.

Key features:

  • Includes almost all the coding concepts
  • Offers to learn for teachers too without any experience required
  • Helps enhance the soft skills of your child

Best Entertainment Apps for Kids on Android During This Holiday Season  

With Android enjoying more than 71% of the global smartphone market share by Q1 2021, it is easy to guess the number of children looking for some exciting games to play during the Holiday season. That’s why we’ve come up with this great selection of Christmas games apps for kids on Android.

1. Sweet Baby Girl Christmas 2 

Available on: Android 4.4 and up

Sweet Baby Girl and her friends wait all year long for the Holiday season, taking great pleasure to be Santa’s helpers. Your kids can also join them to have nonstop fun in Santa’s village. There’s so much to enjoy in there. From drawing Christmas cards to decorating the fireplace, baking ginger cookies to playing Santa sap, dressing up girls to rescuing Rudolph, the reindeer, and so much more.  

Cool Features:  

  • Readying Santa for Christmas Eve journey, trying different wardrobe items like Santa jackets, trousers, shoes, hats, glasses, and beards 
  • Rescuing Rudolph, Santa’s favourite reindeer, making sure it’s available to take him around on the Christmas Eve 
  • Christmas remains incomplete without cards. Let the kids learn how to draw some fascinating Christmas cards to double up their joy 
  • What kid wouldn’t want to indulge in making their dream ice sculptures? Let them test their skills in sculpturing different things like a romantic swan or frozen deer 
  • No Christmas is complete without Christmas tree decoration. Decorate yours with angels, snowflakes, candies, garlands, gingerbread cookies, and much more

2. Kids Christmas Songs · Stories 

Available on: Android 2.3 and above

What better time to cosy up with your kids than the freezing eves of the Holidays? And what better way of doing so than getting your kids to enjoy Kids Christmas Songs · Stories in front of the fireplace? Children love songs. More so when they have their favourite cartoon characters starring in them.  

Cool Features: 

  • Extraordinary Christmas stories complemented well with Christmas songs 
  • Great collection of all-time favourite Christmas carols for kids 
  • Kids’ favourite animated characters in all stories and songs 
  • Compatible with all the latest android phones and tablets

3. Christmas Photo Editor

Available on: Android 4.4 and above

It’s about time you sprinkle some colours into your rather dull Christmas party theme with the help of our Christmas Photo Editor. It lets you turn your boring pictures into a festive Christmas party theme. You get some handy photo editing tools to adorn your photos with a Christmas tree, Christmas frame, Santa Claus, Snowman, etc.  

Cool Features: 

  • Option to pick a photo from your phone’s/tab’s gallery or capture a new one using your device’s camera 
  • A huge variety of templates to choose from, supporting browsing by category 
  • Many photo frames, text, stickers, and borders  
  • Different types of photo filters, overlays, and effects at your disposal  
  • Option to save your masterpiece and share with your family and friends if you want to

4. Christmas Kids Computer Game 

Available on: Android 4.4 and above

Do you have toddlers and kindergarteners at your home to spend your holidays with? Not an issue when you’ve a Christmas Kids Computer Game on your Android device. This educational game aims at increasing your child’s skills to learn new and exciting things. It encourages children to be creative and imaginative, helping them learn numbers and alphabets differently, such as via matching games and puzzle games. 

Cool Features: 

  • Helps kids learn alphabets and numbers 
  • Helps kids solve puzzles using their observatory skills 
  • Improves kids’ problem-solving skills through solving mazes 
  • Connect-the-dots games to help kids learn and enjoy at the same time 
  • Pick-the-odd-one-out games to help nurture observation skills in kids

5. Christmas House Decoration 

Available on: Android 4.1 and above

House decoration is one of the most aspects of the Holidays for everyone, especially kids. Starting from the Christmas tree, this game allows kids to decorate the whole house as they want to, for Christmas and New Year. After all, welcoming Santa is a special occasion for kids, which comes only once a year. So, kids can choose from a whole range of decorative items to beautify their dream house. 

Cool Features: 

  • Helps improve organisational skills in kids 
  • Contributes to enhancing decision-making skills in kids 
  • Lets the kids decorate the living room for Christmas  
  • Kids can decorate their bedroom by choosing a Holiday theme  
  • They can even decorate their kitchens on a Christmas theme choosing different items accordingly

6. Advent Calendar 2021: 25 Gifts

Available on: 4.4 and up

If your search for the best entertainment apps for kids during the holiday season is not leading you to your desired outcomes, you should give Advent Calendar 2021 a chance. It introduces a great concept, unveiling free Christmas apps for kids every day, 25 of them in total. So, it can indeed be the best way to cope with the hyperexcitement developing in kids while they wait for Christmas.  

Cool Features: 

  • Your kids will be able to enjoy a different Christmas game every day (for 25 days) until Santa arrives 
  • Aligns free Christmas games for kids with your calendar, keeping kids happy and engaged throughout the Holidays 
  • It lets kids indulge in an enchanting Winter Wonderland, introducing them to new opportunities for fun and enjoyment for a whole month 
  • Family-friendly fun time, suitable for kids of all ages and even adults who want to have quality family time

7. Christmas Flying Santa Gift Delivery 

Available on: Android 4.4 and up

The last in our list of the best entertainment apps for kids during this holiday season is none other than the Christmas Flying Santa Gift Delivery. If the app’s name gives you an idea of what it is, you’re probably right about it. It involves the Santa, Christmas gifts, and delivery of the presents.

Let your kids be in the driving seat of the cart filled with Christmas goodies that need to be delivered to those waiting for them. The sooner the kids deliver the goodies (without missing anyone on the list), the better they do. 

Cool Features:  

  • Christmas gift delivery adventure with real-time Flying Santa 
  • Options to choose from a various number of reindeers and horses 
  • Different types of sleighs to complete your gift-delivery venture 
  • Realistic sound effects, including the charming jingle bells music 
  • Offers the best family fun time

8. YouTube Kids

Availability: Varies with device

The core idea behind creating YouTube kids was to provide age-appropriate videos on every topic in a controlled environment such as home or school. It is one of the widely used platforms to enhance creativity and knowledge among kids. A safe space for kids is YouTube’s foremost priority. Therefore, the YouTube kids’ engineering team has designed a wide range of automatic filters with the help of reviews and feedback from parents to protect young users.

Internet data consumption is always a concern with YouTube videos. You can check Talk Home’s data saver plans to make your kid’s learning hassle-free.

Key features:

  • A safe online learning platform for children
  • Offers parental control to customize your kid’s experience
  • You can check the watch history and block channels you find inappropriate
  • Create up to 8 profiles according to your kids’ preferences and ages
  • ‘Approved content only’ feature allows you to handpick channels that you like for your child.



9. Nick Jr. – Shows and Games

Availability: Android 4.4 and up

The Nick Jr. app is a home of entertainment where kids can watch their favourite shows, play interactive games, and unlock exciting surprises. If you’re already a subscriber of the Nick Jr. channel, log in with your TV provider and get access to more exciting episodes.

Key features:

  • Access all the episodes from Nick Jr. TV on your smartphone
  • Tons of entertaining and educational videos to enhance your child’s pre-K learning.
  • Alphabet buttons keep your child entertained
  • Easy to use, child-friendly interface with voice instructions

10. Coloring Games: Coloring Book, Painting, Glow Draw

Kids have a great affiliation with colours and it is mostly reflected on their bedroom walls. So, this app brings free painting games and colouring books to spark the love of colours among your kids, without ruining the walls. Colouring Games is equipped with easy-to-use colouring tools, suitable for children of every age group. Moreover, there are several modes which you can play with your family like painting by number, colouring by numbers, and doodle mode. No matter which ages your kids belong, this game is perfect to bring out their inner artist.

Key features:

  • Multiple colouring games in one app
  • No in-app purchases or adds included – totally free
  • Helps parents monitor their kid’s progress
  • You can make separate profiles for every kid in the house
  • Easy and attractive interface, perfectly designed for children

11. World of Peppa Pig: Playtime

Peppa Pig and her friends are popular cartoon characters in the UK. You might have already seen a lot of games and toys for your kid, but have you ever heard about the Peppa Pig game? It is a game that offers a lot of learning, interaction, and joy to children. The kids can have tons of educational content coupled with interesting activities like nurturing Peppa’s garden, driving Peppa to school with her friends, counting with mommy pig, making delicious meals for Candy the cat, story reading with little piggy, and much more!

Key features:

  • Content specifically designed for toddlers and pre-schoolers
  • Completely safe content without any ads
  • Certified by COPPA and KidSAFE
  • You can download the videos and play them offline
  • Dress the characters as your like

12. CodeSpark Academy: Kids Coding

It’s time for kids to learn to code. More than one million kids have already started their coding journey with codeSpark Academy, the award-winning app that teaches kids the basics of coding and computer science through a series of educational games and hands-on entertainment activities. Kids code their way across the app by having fun! If you’re looking for a fun way for your child to learn valuable STEM skills and develop 21st-century learning capabilities – look no further! Welcome to the codeSpark Academy.

Key features:

  • Age-appropriate content
  • Kids can design their own games by learning basic programming concepts
  • A subscription allow you to access fresh content every month
  • No technicality – Everyone can join and use
  • Courses designed with the help of experts from world-renowned institutes like Princeton, Mellon, and Carnegie
  • Allows three different users with separate profiles
  • No ads or private data collection

13. Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids offers a safe space for your child to learn and explore while allowing you to set learning goals and track progress. It’s the award-winning app trusted by millions, now available as a parent-child app. With all the features of the original Khan Academy app, Khan Academy Kids puts learning in your child’s hands with fun, age-appropriate activities. The app contains thousands of activities, games, lessons, and books to enhance your child’s early skills in reading, writing, mathematics, phonics, and social-emotional building.

Key features:

  • It’s free and always will be.
  • No ads or subscriptions
  • New content every week
  • Curriculum designed with the help of professionals
  • Books offered with audio narration


Suppose you want to add subtle learning opportunities with the conventional fun time associated with Christmas and Holidays. In that case, you’re very likely to find what you’re looking for in our list of the 14 best entertainment apps for kids during this holiday season.

And, don’t hesitate in sharing with us if you’ve tried and enjoyed some other enjoyable Christmas entertainment apps for kids. We wish you all the best for the Holiday Season 2021 (and forever, of course!).

PS: We have some other practical Christmas reads for you as well.

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  2. Want to spend some quality time with your families and make memories in the process? Try these Christmas activities with your family.

Happy Holidays!

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