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Productive Things to Do at Home to Improve Your Productivity


The impact of your productivity in your life goes far beyond the number of ticks in your daily to-do list. That’s why we have compiled a prolific list of productive things to do at home that can contribute to improving your productivity and giving you that much-needed sense of accomplishment and well-being.

For most of us, each workday can end with two possible scenarios. Either we’re grinning satisfactorily, knowing that we’ve been so productive through the day that our to-do list is accomplished. Or, we’re dead-tired, slumping behind the desk with a bunch of unfinished projects when our workday ends. If the second scenario frightens you, but you often end up in that zone, there’s a way to change it.

Two reasons keep us away from our optimal productivity. We’re carrying certain bad habits that impede our workplace productivity. And, we follow a reactive approach rather than a proactive approach in overcoming our productivity-related shortcomings.

Before we proceed to the actual list of the most productive things to do at home that can improve your productivity considerably, let’s dig deep into:

Why Utilise Your Free Time in a Better Way?

From virtually endless reasons to do so, we’re showcasing some of the most important ones to make you realise what you’re missing by not utilising your free time in a better way.

Free Time Brings You Happiness

Are you wondering if it’s that simple? It turns out so! Don’t want to take our word for it? You don’t need to because we’re just quoting this from a study by the University of British Columbia researchers. Among other things, it is the sense of having enough time during a day that lends the extra bit of satisfaction and happiness to people, increasing their productivity ultimately.

Inculcates the Element of Self Care

Self-care can be one of the best incentives to emphasise the significance of free time that you can get out of being productive. With enough time at your disposal to dedicate to your health and well-being, you can take fewer sick leaves, improve your mood, and boost your productivity. If you divert this time to healthier activities like exercising and meditating, you can lower your stress level, enhance cognition, and get added alertness and energy as a result.

Let Your Loved Ones Know They’re a Priority

The way we socialise differentiates us from other beings around us in the world. The craving to socialise and bond with others is innate to all of us. That’s why your best friend starts complaining if you don’t see them for a long time. Just like your family wouldn’t feel happy if you start leaving the dinner table daily to answer urgent calls from the office.

It makes people around you feel like you keep prioritising work over them. So, you can schedule your free time to reestablish your connections with people you love and care for. You can attend your brother’s birthday party, take your sick mom/dad to the hospital, or even call your best friend abroad when you’ve free time at your disposal.

You can take care of these tiny but essential things in your life with enough free time. Even if you can’t make up to someone in person, you can call them. Thanks to modern-day communication apps like Talk Home, calling people to even far-off locations at cheap rates is possible now. Not to mention, the other person doesn’t even need to have internet connectivity or the app installed on their phones.

How Can Productivity Help You in Your Personal Growth?

It won’t be wrong to say that there are myriad ways of improving your productivity. We’re just elaborating on a few of the most important ones in the passage below.

Productivity Helps You Improve Your Weaknesses

Let’s start this with what’s the best way of improving your productivity? It’s working on your weaknesses, right? As simple as that! Just wasting your free time on useless things is meaningless. Getting into productive things to do when bored will automatically improve your knowledge and skillset, making your strengths weigh more than your weaknesses. So, now you’re better equipped to utilise your strengths to delegate your tasks, adding efficiency and minimising mistakes in them.

Hones Your Time Management Skills

Many experts believe personal development and time management are directly proportional, as the formal emphasises a lot on the latter. You should sleep early, get up early in the morning, schedule your tasks attentively, taking care of the most challenging projects first. All this leads you to do more in a shorter period, leaving you with more time to relax and enjoy your life.

Gives You More Time for Self

When your productivity increases, you feel more relaxed and organised. It improves your chances of focusing on your tasks better, making you less likely to stress or get anxious. Enhanced productivity also means more free time for yourself, preventing burnouts and exhaustion. There are tons of positive activities you can introduce in your life when your productivity is high. From pursuing your hobbies to learning new things, the possibilities are endless.

Most Productive Things to Do at Home to Improve Your Productivity

Here goes our list of the most productive things to do at home, which will positively affect your professional and personal growth.

Get Out of the Grind

It may sound counter-intuitive on the surface, but a score of studies prove that your mental acuity and the whole nervous system gets a boost with a break. So, while you may be walking out of a project or a deadline that’s been haunting you for a while, you’re more energised, fresh, and determined to handle it better when you get back to it after a break.

Resort to Productivity Apps

Any software application that enables productivity in your life can be considered a productivity app. For example, you have a plethora of tasks to do but very little time. Download any time tracking app, and it will create a tentative schedule for you to manage your tasks in the given time!

It’s incredible what technology can do for us. From to-do list apps to note-taking apps to project and time management apps, any app that allows the user to share the workload and possibly automate it is a productivity app. You can get your hands on a list of some fantastic productivity apps in this blog.

Upskill to Go Up the Hill

Progressing in your career depends a lot on acquiring new knowledge and upping your skill level. However, there is a very high probability of losing track somewhere on your way, hardly managing between your work hours, sleep hours, socialising and other daily chores. It can leave you far behind in acquiring new and essential skills necessary for growing in your career. So, why not pick up a new skill to go up the hill in your career, or you can even brush up on the basics instead of procrastinating on any spare time you’ve at your disposal.

Learn a New Language

Learning a new language can be one of the best things to do when bored. Many language experts believe that fluency in a second language can help you earn up to 15% more than your monolingual colleagues. In fact, you cannot confine the benefits of learning a new language to your employment prospects. It helps you learn about new cultures and customs, significantly adding to your perspective of world affairs. Not to mention, it can be a life-saver when you decide to take that long-overdue Euro trip or choose to go to any other place you know the language of.

Plan Ahead

If you’re looking for one of the most productive things to do on a Sunday, planning for the whole week can surprise you with its benefits. It not only allows you to allocate a dedicated time slot for your to-do tasks, but you can also identify where and how to squeeze that much-needed me-time in there. Some may see this as a dull and rather strenuous activity that can potentially ruin the fun of an off-day. Still, it is an unbelievably beneficial activity to increase your productivity. More so when you’re working from home, because there’s no colleague around you to remind you of some important that you might miss otherwise. And, here are some fantastic work from home tips to boost your productivity.

Manage Your Inbox

Are you wondering why you should get into such hassle? A study by The McKinsey Global Institute reveals that an average employee consumes about 13 hours per week reading and responding to emails. However, another study highlights that there are no more than 38% important and relevant emails in an average inbox. Why? Because emails continue to stack up in our inboxes. And they can come from literally any source, from our favourite brands we subscribe to online courses we plan to jump into one day.

As time passes by, the frequency and quantity of not-so-important emails continue to increase. Over time, this makes it quite difficult to dig up something important we need for our office-related tasks. So, if email decluttering can’t make it to the list of one of the most productive things to do every day, you should do it over the weekends to ensure that it doesn’t hinder your productivity.

Read, Read, Read, and Go On Reading

So, you already know a handful of benefits of reading. It’s fun and inspirational; it increases your vocabulary, it helps you unwind, and blah, blah, blah. But do you know that reading can also directly uplift brain functions, boosting its overall connectivity? Well, researchers at Emory University tell us that non-fictional reading is excellent for improving brain functions and connectivity. That’s not all, though. There are endless more.

For instance, this research publication on the PNAS concludes that people engaging their brains in activities like reading, puzzle-solving, or chess decrease their chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease by 2.5% compared to people who don’t do so. And the best part is that if you like to stick to your mobile, tablets or some other favourite electronic gadget, you get even more opportunities. All these things make it imperative that you resort to reading as one of the most productive things to do in lockdown.

Get into Social Welfare and Volunteering

Getting into volunteering and social welfare-oriented projects can also be one of the most productive things to do over the summer. You would be very far from reality if you take such activities just as a fad. Many studies validate the benefits of these activities on a personal level as well as the societal level. For instance, a recent NIH backed study reveals scientifically proven positive impacts of volunteering services on a person’s health. According to the study, this can decrease depression by 4.30%, increase physical health by 9.08%, nurture mental health by 8.54%, and social well-being by 11.11%.

Expand and Strengthen Your Network

You may not feel very comfortable with the idea of networking, especially if you’re an introvert. But the benefits are undeniable. Feeling hesitant in taking our word for it, how about this LinkedIn study? According to the study results, around 80% of the professionals consider networking one of the most critical aspects of their careers, and quite rightly so. You get fresh ideas when you connect to others frequently. You can get essential career advice and support, also develop long-lasting relationships. And if you’re feeling a little shy because it’s been ages since you last contacted someone, try texting them rather than calling directly. You can take help from our detailed guide on How to Write a Professional Text Message.

Work on Your Physical and Mental Health

Nurturing your physical and mental health should be one of the most productive things to do every day because of the countless benefits it brings along. Unlike what many people believe, improving your physical and mental health is beneficial for your day-to-day life and helps you with your career. It enables you to manage your weight, reducing your risks of heart and cardiovascular diseases. Your blood sugar and insulin level remain good while your bones and muscles grow stronger. Your sleep improves significantly. It also enhances your cognitive function, making sure your productivity in office work extends greatly. You remain ambitious and competitive. And the list is simply endless.


It’s about time you switch gears to your productivity, making sure you get the most of your professional as well as personal life. And hopefully, this piece of content sets you up in the right direction. We’d love to know if you’ve already taken this journey and share it with everyone else. Feel free to confide us with the ups and downs of your transformational journey and be an inspiration to others.

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