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8 Most Productive Things to Do at Work in Your Free Time


Feeling bored at work is natural but using that moment to do something productive can energize your mind and help you get your daily dose of creativity. Boredom at work is not a negative thing and is a natural phenomenon – the one that itself is natural for your workflow.

Research indicates that around 90% of all American adults deal with boredom at work and switch towards productive things at work that will inspire and motivate them towards change. This allows you to get some time for change and optimize these moments of boredom to set and pursue goals that will lead towards new opportunities.

This ebb of doing productive things at the workplace will harness your boredom to improve your professional standing and career.

One of the basic reasons behind this boredom is monotonous work. So, if you are dealing with it, it is advisable to take a break and change yourself. Whether it is a normal day at work or your career, boredom is a sign that you need a break now and your mind and body are needed for some creativity and openness.

This is where our blog comes in. Our handy list to have you mentally engaged in your free time or spend your minutes of boredom will help you achieve the littlest of things you always wanted to you. Studies have indicated that people who spend their idle time doing productive things at work become around 8% more productive than other individuals.

Let us look at productive things you can do in your free time.

Productive things to Do At work and Be creative – 8 Activities

1. Organize Your Email ✉️

Everyone hates a mailbox that is filled with the clutter of emails. This pile of emails is extremely annoying, and you might want to get rid of it. A report has indicated that an average mailbox contains only 38% important and relevant emails while the rest are just promotions, spam messages, and advertisements.

Below are some tips for managing your inbox and improving your productivity.

  • Clear Your Inbox and Junk folder

Email cluttering can be one of the most productive things to do at work. A huge amount of email exchange encompasses junk emails, and they can somehow affect your general workflow.

You can begin by setting up a reminder with your sticky notes and get down with your cleaning your desk whenever you need some time. Reorganize your email box and remove the junk mail.

Moreover, unsubscribe yourself from unwanted newsletters and other emails. Also, delete those emails you have already read and are no longer important. It is usually best to delete unwanted emails and unsubscribe from newsletters. The longer you wait, the further cluttered your inbox will become so do not wait for this bulk of emails to pile up.

  • Use Filters

Research reveals that about 77% of consumers prefer to add a filter on the verge of blocking emails entirely. The benefit of filtering is that it saves you from skimming through loads of emails and losing focus from the important emails.

Another plus point is that you will not be even bothered by the notification from these emails. The consumer decides now which emails you want and which you do not. Each email is scanned and directed to an allotted folder to save you from the hassle of going through each one independently.

2. Learn a New Skill🎳

Acquiring new Skills at work is not only a productive thing at work but also the best way to alleviate your boredom. Make productive use of your time by engaging in physical activity, and learning new games or a new skill from your colleague.

Another benefit of acquiring a new skill is that it strengthens your existing skillset and helps you discover new paths. Moreover, research has indicated that acquiring new skills, can slow down the process of Alzheimer’s and dementia in the brain and enhance your creativity. This means acquiring new skills is not just productive but also healthy for your brain.

Learn skills like graphic designing, public speaking, video editing, or even learn animations to boost your skillset and open new boundaries for your brain. Even corporations like people who can multi-task for them and can perform a variety of jobs for them.

Apart from all this, it is fun to master a new skill. So, do not waste any further time scrolling through Facebook for hours and get creative in your period of boredom.

3. Organize Your Desk and Declutter 💻

The saying goes that “A cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind.” And you do not want that? Right.

A clean and organized workplace is a sign of a healthy mind. It can have an enormous impact on your concentration, ability, and productivity. All you need is a little bit of free time and the discipline to throw unwanted items in their proper place.

Keep only what you need the most on your desk and organize related items into folders. Also, try to maintain a single drawer to keep all your accessories in one place and look around your desk for anything that you no longer need. Find refresh replaceable of these items or simply put them in storage. Everything on your desk should be new and ready to use.

Also, try to arrange the items sensibly. You want to maximize productivity while eliminating clutter. Keep important tools and documents with arms reach and make sure that things are always in the most logical spot.

Also, tack up inspirational images and messages to keep you motivated at work. Apart from boredom, do not make your workplace a mess and keep it always organized.

4. Read a Motivational Book📖

Remember the book in your boss’s office? Well, your boss is catching up with contemporary trends and increasing his productivity all day long and you should consider doing the same thing.

According to career analyst Dan Pink, Intrinsic motivation is far more effective than external motivating factors like money and rewards. This reveals that productivity indeed is a mystery we are still struggling to unravel.

We can ascertain from the hypothesis of Dan Pink that reading a motivation book at work increases your own intrinsic motivation to learn the latest information and skill. One of the best practices adopted by entrepreneurs is reading a book of their favorite author at work.

Below are the names of some books that will give you frameworks, strategies, and actions that can help you increase your productivity at work.

  • Deep Work by Cal Newport

If you are someone who ends up spending an hour unintentionally on Facebook, YouTube, or a News website, this book is the right pick for you. In Deep Work, the author Cal Newport addresses the increasingly important topic of focusing on the workplace.

This book teaches you how to do deep work and keep a focus on tasks without any distractions. So, if you must spend a workday in a haze of social media, then this book is for you.

  • The 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch

80/20 Principle is about the famous Pareto Principle according to which approximately 20% of your work drives 80% of your results. This book is all about how you can achieve maximum results with minimum effort.

Richard Koch takes the readers through the 10 highest value and lowest value uses of life and why is it important to manage time. This book is the best pick for those who want to learn how to give maximum value of work in less time.

  • Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy

The basic premise of this book is that you should complete your most challenging task of the day first and then move towards easier ones. This highly effective book by Brian Tracy can have a profound impact on your life and the moments you live in.

In simple words, Brian Tracy says that if you are given a challenging task, the best advice for you is to start doing it right away. Tracy also discusses the Law of Forces Efficiency to push you back to your work and get some free time after completing all your tasks. We highly recommend you read this book and go through all the regular exercises as you make your way through different chapters of this book.

  • The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande

Planning to reinvigorate your power of checklist? The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande is the right pick for you.

The Author Gawande explores how professionals deal with the ever-growing complexity of growing in this modern world.

After reading this book, your checklist will never be the same again. You will think twice before distracting from your work or assigning your job to someone else. So, if errors of ignorance and errors of ineptitude are something you’d want to avoid, give this book a good read.

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

Not only a good by one of the best suggested by the Talk Home team to proactively increase your productivity and inspire you with each chapter. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is one of those books you not only want to read in your free time but also at times you are going through a moral dilemma.

With each Habit, you bring the best out of yourself and change yourself as a person too. If you want to learn the proven principles of fairness, integrity, honesty, and human dignity, this is the right pick for you.

5. Enroll in Professional Online Program 👩‍💻

Taking an online course at the workplace is not only a flexible thing to do but also one of the most productive things to do. These courses allow you to learn whenever, wherever, and how so ever you want. Without even physically being present in the class, you can access the top degree programs or other online courses to add some certifications to your list.

Websites like Coursera are also offering online courses you can finish in a day. Apart from that, there are also 8-hour-long courses you can finish in a week and are offered in multiple languages. The courses offered by Coursera are created by renowned institutes like Stanford University. Without even being a part of the actual graduate program, you can freely get glimpses of the teaching methods of Stanford University.

Online professional courses are also self-paced. Meaning, the user can alter his own pace of learning and has all the flexibility he needs. Rather than skipping office or leaving dinner, you can log in whenever it is convenient.

Moreover, if you are someone who does not like to ask a professor to repeat a certain point, then online learning is best. Master the material before moving on and work at your own speed and get the most out of these online courses.

6. Update Your LinkedIn Profile 📇

Your LinkedIn profile is your picture, and you do not want to miss updating it. Make sure that this picture of you is publicly visible and attractive. If you are providing a service or selling a product, your product should be there. Moreover, if you have recently accomplished something new, then make sure to update this achievement too as it will further alleviate your career opportunities and help you grow.

Add your phone number, expand your network, keep informing the world about your accomplishment and keep applying for your dream job too. This will raise your visibility and highlight your own services. Lastly, add your own content into the featured section and focus heavily on the experiences that are related to what it is that you do now.

I Hope, our small guide on building a LinkedIn profile will help you build something you are proud of. In case you need any further information on how to increase your productivity, you can also read our guide on work from home tips to boost your productivity.

7. Self-Care 🧑‍

Self-care is one of the most important parts of work. It helps you in combating feelings of stress or burnout and is also essential to managing your mental health. Therefore, your biggest responsibility should be to remind yourself that you are a person first and an employee later.

By incorporating a self-care routine in your life, you can feel more centered and satisfied with your company. By managing your mental and physical health at work, you feel more relaxed and focused throughout the day.

Certain ways to practice self-care at work include:

  • Listen to Your Favourite Music at Work 🎵

If you are working on a task on which you can listen to some songs, then curate an uplifting playlist. Choose songs that can help you to remain focused and energized and help you with your mood swings.

  • Pack a Healthy and Delicious Lunch 🍣

Instead of going to your cafeteria for lunch, consider putting in some extra effort and cooking yourself a happy meal. Choose those ingredients that can help you to be healthy and add a treat that you can share at lunch hour.

  • Drink Lots of Water 💧

Drinking water has not only health benefits but will also help you remain energized and healthy at your work. You can also get yourself a water buddy who will not just remind you to drink your daily dose of water but also make it a fun activity. Try making the entire process much healthier by infusing fruits, fresh mint, or cucumber into your water bottle.

  • Wear Your Favourite Clothing 👔

If your favourite outfit falls within your office’s dress code, consider wearing it to work very often. Choose clothes that make you feel confident and display your unique personality. The right outfit will obviously improve your demeanor and make you feel like a true professional at the workplace.

  • Go for Short Walks 🚶

Whenever you need a quick break, try to move outside the premises of your office to refresh yourself. Fresh air with light exercise will help you replenish your energy and give you a break from the hectic routine of your office. Moreover, the entire process also rejuvenates your body. Try doing some stretching to get your blood flowing and feel better.

  • Socialize with Coworkers 👬

Socialization, apart from all the other benefits, brings joy so try to socialize with your coworkers. Show an interest in the lives of your colleagues and share a funny moment or even a joke to cheer them up. Apart from making your workplace a joyful bliss, socialization can also make the day go longer so do not give up on that.

8. Set Your Weekly, Monthly, and Annual Goals 🎯

Setting up a weekly, monthly, or annual goal in this futile period of the Covid-19 pandemic may seem to be a little absurd. But having weekly, monthly, or annual goals is a productivity superpower used by everyone from top CEOs to artists, authors, and teachers.

Research has indicated that to boost motivation, keep a regular focus on your work and set weekly/monthly targets. It will also keep you organized and focused on your priorities and help you in reviewing your long-term goals.

Want to be productive and set your goals? Use these apps: Best Productivity Apps to Get Things Done Easily

Living without goals can make your life aimless. Master the discipline of setting and achieving weekly goals and procrastination. Direct your energy to your goals and change your priorities to keep them in line with what you want to achieve in this life. As the saying goals, “It’s the thought that counts?.” Take a deep breath and think about what you really are and set a target on how you can achieve it.


You can use these product ideas to escape boredom and stay productive at work. These productive ideas help you in getting distracted or procrastinating for hours and make the most of your free time.

If you are having trouble with staying active at work, then try any one of these productive things. Go over these categories repeatedly and adapt each activity at a time.

All these activities will not only kill time but will also prove to be very productive. So, work on these activities and be creative at work.

Briefly, your work should not become monotonous, and with a little bit of productivity, you and your organization will both benefit collectively.

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