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Best Christmas Apps to Make Your Holiday Season Much Festive


It’s that time of the year again, the time when gloom and melancholy are left aside, and a feeling of connectivity engulfs everyone. It’s the time when all the misunderstandings become obsolete and friends and families endeavour for new beginnings.

It’s the time for Christmas, where happiness is cherished by all regardless of their social status, financial situation, or the race they belong to; Christmas is for all.

For this reason, Christmas needs to endure in the best Christmas spirit possible. And what better way to spend Christmas than connecting with our loved ones, even if they live afar. So, at Talk Home, we dedicate this blog to help you celebrate Christmas the way it deserves.

Still, we must understand that the COVID-19 pandemic and the CORONA Virus are not going away any time sooner. In fact, the virus is mutating as we defend ourselves, and things are getting tougher. Therefore, we must all play our part and make sure we aren’t facing any exposure to needless health risks, and going out this Christmas is not as safe as we would want it to be.

To keep the Christmas fun at its peak while staying home and staying safe, we have outlined some of the best Christmas apps that will keep you and your family engaged with exciting and practical free Christmas apps to maximise your Christmas experience this year.

5 Best Calling Apps to Connect You with Family and Friends

We will start by sharing the top Christmas calling apps to help you stay connected with your social circle, which may be living worldwide. Long distances often weaken the bonds of our relations; to strengthen them, we can always try to talk as much as possible.

Since talking is the best mode of communication, we may need the most economical calling apps, which can sustain our need to have long and fulfilling conversations this Christmas.

Talk Home

Supported Platforms: Android | iOS

Best suited for: People who want to make long-distance phone calls at the lowest call rates, even if they don’t have access to the Internet.

Talk Home app is among the best Christmas calling apps that are free to download. It offers the lowest call rates for long-distance international calls and serves in more than 240 global destinations. Talk Home app is also linked with more than 500 networks worldwide.

The best thing about this app is that it doesn’t need the Internet to make all these flawless quality calls.

So, download the app now and experience high-quality voice calls that are way cheaper than you may be expecting. Calling apps may differ based on their usage and the users’ requirements. For this reason, we outlined some pros and cons of each app that we have shortlisted for you.


  • Premium standard voice calls even if you don’t have the Internet
  • Covers 240 plus destinations globally
  • Absolutely no hidden costs and excellent customer service round the clock
  • Enables more than 12 million calls by global users monthly
  • Users can easily buy and send international mobile top-ups to more than 500 global networks
  • Transfer credit to other users from the app itself
  • Highly User-friendly interface and designs
  • End-to-end encryption makes sure your communications are safe and private


  • The app currently is not offering any free in-app calls or messages


Supported Platforms: Android | iOS

Best suited for: People who have a good internet connection at all ends and want to make long-distance calls or send multimedia texts with emojis.

Another top Christmas calling app for you is the Skype app. It’s a famous business communication app known for its various functions. The app is free to use; however, it requires high-speed internet availability or a distorted connection. It can even drop the call when the internet signal fluctuates.

So, if you are looking for a free-of-cost calling app, perhaps Skype may be the best app for you this year. Skype can offer you an excellent calling experience if you and the call participants have a high-speed internet connection.


  • Skype is pretty easy to use
  • Well-known in the business communities
  • Offers multimedia instant messaging features
  • Internet-based group calls


  • There is no end-to-end encryption
  • Expensive for making calls on VOIP


Supported Platforms: Android | iOS

Best suited for: Young people who enjoy using various filters or look for a fun-oriented calling app platform, mainly iOS-based devices.

FaceTime may be among the best Christmas apps for you this year, as it’s safer to stay home and make long conversations, you may enjoy the fun-filled face filters, but you can only host the calls if you have an iOS device. The app allows android users to join the calls, but they can’t host the fun video calls.

So, if you’re looking for the best Christmas app for iPhone, you need to check this app out. We are sure you will love the excellent interface because the user experience of this app is incredible.


  • FaceTime offers a great video calling experience to its users
  • Availability of fun and stylish filters
  • High-quality video calls and the app itself is straightforward to use


  • Android users can’t host the video calls
  • Lack of support for using this app
  • Requires high-speed Internet to make video calls
  • It doesn’t allow group calls


Supported Platforms: Android | iOS

Best suited for: People who are more inclined towards Google-related products and apps and people looking for a comprehensive communication app.

Hangouts is Google’s video calling app, famous for its support for various functions. It can easily link as an extension with Google Chrome’s services. So, naturally, it may be the first option to use a calling app for Chrome users this Christmas.

Hangouts may be your perfect choice if you are looking for a Christmas app with free video calling services. However, we urge you to explore other apps since you might want to call someone who doesn’t have access to a high-speed internet facility.


  • Supports most smart devices
  • Supports a wide range of platforms
  • Offers free internet-based calls
  • Facilitates high-quality video calls and numerous other functions like instant chat with multimedia


  • Slightly difficult user-interface
  • It may not work well on iOS devices


Supported Platforms: Android | iOS

Best suited for: People who may want a free video calling platform to connect with their friends since the app allows twelve users to communicate on a video call at a time.

This year, Christmas apps for free video calls will have the oovVoo app on top of the list. Since it offers excellent value for people who want to have free group video calls. It’s a very simple-to-use app, and its premium version provides more utility to its users than most similar apps.

So, if you have a big group of friends and want to connect on a video call altogether, you must try this app. ooVoo may be the best Christmas calling app for you this year since it is the best Christmas calling app that will cover all your communication needs.


  • Very easy to use
  • Offers connectivity to twelve people in one group call
  • Supports many platforms
  • Free to make video calls


  • Too many advertisements in the free version
  • Not a well-known app

Save Money While Shopping with These 5 Apps

We have a lot more coming up for you; the Christmas apps’ list can never finish without a few good Christmas shopping apps. Christmas is just an excuse to save money while buying the things we love the most. We might have to decide otherwise on regular days and at normal prices to protect our money.

However, when Christmas arrives, we let go of all the money problems because of the discounts and the value we receive in the holiday season. On top of it all, when we buy from the best Christmas shopping apps, we get even more benefits and discounts that allow us to purchase the product at just a fraction of the accurate price.

Brands worldwide also use Christmas and the top Christmas list apps as platforms to showcase their products and offer them at promotional prices to maximise their sales. In this view, we recommend that you check out these Christmas shopping apps to get maximum value from your buying.


Supported Platforms: Android | iOS

Best suited for: People interested in gaining maximum value for their online purchasing of clothes, essentials, and more.

Ibotta app is among the few Christmas shopping apps that provide real cashback for transactions and purchases. The app is well-reputed as it has excellent reviews from users on various platforms. So, if you’re into intelligent buying, we suggest that you check out this app as well. We are sure you will get great utility from buying through this app.

If you’re wondering what the app offers, we advise that you experience the app yourself. It can be a great experience if you haven’t tried this app already.


  • Great in-app offers
  • Users get more value from cashback programs
  • Wide range of products available
  • Free to download and use


  • The app is available in a limited number of countries
  • The user interface is a little complex


Supported Platforms: Android | iOS

Best suited for: People looking to buy discounted products for Christmas, Black Friday and various other deals that offer discounts and coupons.

RetailMeNot is another top Christmas shopping app; it offers excellent value in discounts and coupons exclusively available to its users. It has quickly made the list of Christmas apps for android and iPhone since it provides a truly simple user experience.

RetailMeNot is offering an all-inclusive shopping experience to its users. As the app also provides a cashback reward program, it’s highly unlikely that you will not find something that benefits you. So, if you still have a lot of shopping to do, we suggest you check out this app as well before spending all the money.


  • The app offers great deals and discounts
  • It’s free to download and use
  • Offers cashback reward program
  • Exclusive coupons available on special holidays


  • The app is not functional in some countries
  • User experience is a little dull


Supported Platforms: Android | iOS

Best suited for: People looking for the best prices in Christmas list apps, the app offers exclusive discounts and coupons to save money.

Christmas list apps for shopping will have Flipp included, and the reason is simple, excellent value for the users. If you’re comparing prices before buying the best option, this app should be on your smartphone. Flipp is a well-known Christmas shopping app because it offers several discounts and reward programs to all its users.

You must make sure that you check the price of your much-wanted products from this app first and then move towards making the payment. In simple terms, it’s a must-have app if you love shopping, especially in the holiday season.


  • Great value for users
  • Reward programs help you save more
  • Loyalty card program also enhances user’s savings
  • Numerous flyers and discount coupons are available
  • Free to download and use


  • Limited global coverage
  • Not many offers in ordinary products


Supported Platforms: Android | iOS

Best suited for: People who want to compare prices before buying, shopping savvy people who are always searching for the best prices, and those who buy for the whole family

ShopSavvy is among the oldest price comparing apps that we know of, and the reason why it’s on our list as well. It’s also among the best free Christmas apps globally since it offers an instant price comparison from thousands of online and physical stores. All you need to do is scan the barcode of any product, and the app will find you the best prices for it.

It is the Best Christmas app for you and your family if you’re into bulk buying. Chances are you’re already familiar with this hot app. However, many people don’t know how incredible the discounts are on this app, so don’t miss out on the value and keep checking this app for the best prices.


  • Best price comparisons
  • Wide range of products and stores
  • Free to use and download
  • Very simple and easy to use interface
  • Offer great value to users


  • Not available in some countries
  • Reviews can be misleading at times


Supported Platforms: Android | iOS

Best suited for: People who are into managing hotel and restaurant bookings, who are into maximum discounts and cashback for online shopping.

Dosh is another utility-oriented best Christmas app on our list. The most exciting feature of this app is its ability to make money for users only from cashback and referral programs. It means that the app pays its users to invite their friends to use it, and the chain goes on.

The Dosh app has another unique selling point, and it’s the reservation of hotels and restaurants among shopping options. All these features combine as they offer an incredible experience to the users. If you haven’t tried this app yet, we can tell you this much; you’re missing out.


  • Offers cashback and linked cards benefits
  • Users can make money from reservations of hotels and restaurants
  • Cash rewards for bringing in new users
  • Wide range of related stores, restaurants, and hotels
  • Wide range of products


  • Not accessible in some countries
  • Design elements are dull

5 Best Apps for Your Christmas Shopping

Our list of the best Christmas apps for iPhone and android still has a lot to offer, so don’t leave this article yet. Read on and receive the ultimate information about the free Christmas apps, which will enhance your Christmas experience this year.

As we talk about the Christmas shopping spree, how can we miss out on the famous online shopping brands and global e-commerce platforms. We know it’s vital that shoppers check out all the top online shopping brands.

The concept of buying best remains incomplete without adequately exploring the e-commerce platforms. Platforms like Amazon and eBay have brought innovation in the way we buy, and it’s for all the good reasons. So, dive in and find out what’s best and the second-best and so on.


Supported Platforms: Android | iOS

Best suited for: People who want the best products in the market, this platform offers a comprehensive product range for most parts of the world.

Amazon is the leading e-commerce platform that offers almost everything to buyers. It’s among the first online shopping websites, and our Christmas list apps couldn’t be complete without this platform.

Amazon offers electronic products, gadgets, clothing, and so much more. If you haven’t already, you must explore this shopping platform. We are sure that you will find something based on your likings. The platform offers genuine reviews of the buyers, and you can also see the quality of the sellers and their products.


  • Most extensive inventory in the e-commerce platforms
  • Ships the products on-time
  • Several service features for buyers
  • Multiple payment gateway options


  • Chances of fraud by unknown sellers
  • Expensive shipping to Asian countries


Supported Platforms: Android | iOS

Best suited for: People who want to explore new products and buy at low prices through biding options.

Like Amazon, eBay is also an excellent e-commerce shopping platform. It offers the latest products in each category. Buyers worldwide consider eBay their first choice only because it provides exceptional value, and sellers directly provide great deals to their buyers.

So, if you want to explore an unending list of options for your Christmas gifts, this can be the perfect platform for you. It will be a wise choice if you visit this website before making the payment. Chances are you will get something better or even a lower price for your much-needed products.


  • A very comprehensive inventory of products
  • Seller reviews help buyers decide better
  • Great offers on Christmas and Black Friday deals
  • Quick shipping and safe payment systems


  • Fraudulent activities
  • It takes too long to ship products in some countries


Supported Platforms: Android | iOS

Best suited for: People who are into the latest tech gadgets or other products at low prices and special offers on the holiday season.

Etsy is a one-of-a-kind e-commerce platform that has given a perfect space for small-scale manufacturers and businesses from every part of the world. So, if you visit this platform, you will find handmade products with a lot of care and craftsmanship. It will be a delight for you to find out products normally unavailable in ordinary shops.

If you want to fill this Christmas with excitement, give Etsy a try, and we are sure you’ll find something efficient as a perfect gift for your friends and family members. So, keep on exploring this platform until you fulfil your quest to find that perfect gift for the ones you love.


  • Great for vintage and handmade crafts
  • Easy to use and explore products
  • Sellers from all over the world are available on this platform
  • Great platform for unique products


  • May ship products late to some destinations


Supported Platforms: Android | iOS

Best suited for: People in Asian countries who cannot wait long shipping time from other e-commerce platforms, and the ones looking for the lowest prices.

AliExpress is the connected concern of Alibaba, which is another globally known shopping platform. AliExpress offers some of the most fantastic product range in almost every category, from make-up accessories to clothing and tech gadgets of every kind are available on this platform.

Since you still have time to decide to buy gifts, we highly recommend that you try out AliExpress as well.


  • Best prices available
  • Quick shipping
  • Seller reviews help make better buying decisions


  • Shipping may take a long time for some countries

Geek – Smarter Shopping

Supported Platforms: Android | iOS

Best suited for: People looking for tech-related products at economical prices.

Geek is another platform that offers value to all its users worldwide. The best thing about this platform is that it provides some of the latest accessories for all the mobile phones currently available in the market. Also, the prices of the products available on this platform are too reasonable to ignore.

So, it will be a sure miss if you don’t consider this platform for your Christmas shopping.


  • Large inventory of tech-related products
  • Safe shopping experience
  • Multiple payment options


  • Shipping time is different for many countries


Exploration of the best entertainment apps this year is essential if you want to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the new mutated COVID-19 viruses. It is no wonder that we can all do fantastic stuff that will bring cheers to everyone at Home. Play games, buy from the safety of your home, and enjoy movies and series without needing to leave the safest place in the world, your Home.

Talk to your loved ones on video calling apps, or go for a voice call if you have limited internet access. The important thing is that you must connect and be part of most of your connections worldwide.

It’s that time of the year when all our grievances must cease to exist. We must be the ones to initiate the conversation once again.

Let’s diminish the loneliness, let us bring everyone together, and become the glue that holds the family together. It might get tough, but the results will be more rewarding than we can ever imagine. The Christmas spirit must never decline, and we all need to work together because Christmas has to endure. No matter how difficult it gets. Merry Christmas from the Talk Home family and a happy new year.

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